Student Equips Peers for Leadership

May. 14, 2013 - by Carol Best

Student Equips Peers for Leadership by Kelsey Luffman

May 14, 2013

For junior marketing major Allegra Vieux, the MNU experience is all about forward thinking. The way she sees it, today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders – and she wants to help equip her peers for the brightest future possible.

“I'm passionate about helping people realize their potential,” said Vieux. “To be a part of the empowerment process is one of the best experiences in life.”

So when she learned about the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) – a student-run honor society training students for leadership – she immediately knew she wanted to bring a chapter to MNU.

NSLS, renowned for its chapters at diverse universities throughout the US, offers students valuable leadership experience by putting chapter management and resources in the hands of the students. Membership benefits of the society include graduation honors, personalized letter of recommendation, exclusive scholarships, and job placement assistance.

Allegra Vieux (above right) with Marissa Curry, NSLS regional director of program development.

After interviewing with the National Society, Vieux was selected to start an MNU society chapter, and flew to Atlanta for training in September. Since her return, the buzz has been building at MNU.

“The NSLS headquarters say they’ve never seen a campus so enthusiastic about getting involved,” laughed Vieux.

Vieux thinks that’s because MNU shares many values with NSLS. Even MNU’s mission statement – “to educate and inspire servant leaders” – directly parallels NSLS’s goals.

“NSLS is all about giving people a place to belong and connect with others,” said Vieux. “It's an organization about empowering people and giving them a success story – much like MNU.”

NSLS photo1More than 100 students attended MNU’s NSLS first chapter meeting.

One way these goals are accomplished is through the society’s holistic approach to membership. Rather than basing induction solely on GPA, NSLS requires students to view webcasts, attend training days, and participate in success networking teams.

As Vieux prepares to implement training days and networking teams, she is also working to build an executive board of students. As chapter president, Vieux wants to involve as many students as possible – a desire that mirrors her goals for the chapter as a whole.

“I hope that NSLS will encourage diversity on campus,” said Vieux. “I hope people from all backgrounds, degree programs, and interests will be able to share experiences and learn from each other.”

While starting a society chapter is a daunting task, Vieux is motivated by the challenge – she recently selected her student executive board, and launched chapter meetings in January. So far, 52 MNU students have completed the steps necessary to become full NSLS members. The chapter’s first webcast on February 5 featured Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York City. 

“We were incredibly excited to kick off with [Giuliani]!” said Vieux.

As she looks to the future, Vieux continues to focus on building up the campus community at MNU. Because at her core, she believes in her fellow students and their potential to impact the future.

“This chapter will help empower students who don’t yet know what they’re capable of,” said Vieux.

Interested in learning more about the MNU NSLS chapter? Email Allegra Vieux at

Congratulations to the following students who have completed the steps necessary to become full members in MNU's Chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success (

Andy Blum

Selina Bocanegra

Melissa Brunton

Asa Bunnett

Kinsey Chavez

Chelsea Coffey

Madison Collins

Emily Duren

Colton Easdon

Stacy Eichman

Rebecca Eigsti

Melanie Ellsworth

Rachael Enick

Kaitlin Esary

Taylor Esparza

Michael Fast

Luke Friesen

Rachel Gall

Jeremiah Graham

Lynsey Gustafson

Joseph Hoit

Savannah Hoit

Shelbi Hollern

Jennifer Holman

Travis James

Stacy Johnson

Daniel Klavetter

Brandon Kraus

Caleb Laird

Rachel Maurer

Laura Miller                

Nathan Miller

Elizabeth Morley

Caleb Oster

John Oster

Kailey Peterson

Cohen Plummer

Kevin Poole

Nilen Pretzer

Anna Rich

Sarah Schmalzried

Andrew Straker

Laurel Sutton

Lacey Unruh

Kathryn Ward

Tara Welsh

Kate Wetmore

Caitlin Wienck

Julia Willis

Alex Wilson

Presley Wilson

Katherine Wiskus


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