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Address: 2030 E. College Way, Olathe, KS 66062-1899
Main Phone: 913-782-3750 or 800-800-8887

Our switchboard operator at the main number can direct you if you do not see the appropriate department or office contact listed. 

Department/Office Name Contact Person Phone Email
Academic Affairs/Provost Shawnda McLeod 913.971.3393 slmcleod@mnu.edu
Academic & Professional Success Brenda Ebert 913.971.3565 bdebert@mnu.edu
Academic Success Center   913.971.3387 asc@mnu.edu
Alumni Relations   913.971.3275 alumni@mnu.edu
Athletics Kristen Gillette 913.971.3760 kkgillette@mnu.edu
Bell Cultural Events Center Tom Barnes 913.971.3448 bellcenter@mnu.edu
Bell Cultural Events Center Box Office and Ticket Information   913.971.3636 tickets.mnu.edu
Business Office Wendi Wadsworth 913.971.3294 wwadsworth@mnu.edu
Campus Safety Teresa Miller 913.971. 3279 tmiller@mnu.edu
Career and Life Calling Christine Snyder 913.971.3520 crsnyder@mnu.edu
Cashier & Student Accounts Marla Shank 913.971.3504 mshank@mnu.edu
Center for Accelerated and Professional Education Brenda Doerr 913.971.3854 bsdoerr@mnu.edu
Church Relations Randy Cloud 913.971.3652 churchrelations@mnu.edu
Community Counseling Center Amy Cain 913.971.3733 communitycounseling@mnu.edu
Department of Arts & Humanities Andrea Robinson 913.971.3441 arobinson5@mnu.edu
Department of Business Administration Jeanne Bradford 913.971.3440 jrbradford@mnu.edu
Department of Christian Ministry & Formation Shawna Garber 913.971.3443 sagarber@mnu.edu
Department of Counselor Education Jeanne Blades 913.971.3730 jmblades@mnu.edu
Department of Graduate Studies in Education Glenna Murray 913.971.3292 gkmurray@mnu.edu
Department of Graduate Studies in Management Kathy Adamson 913.971.3862 kadamson@mnu.edu
Department of Pre-Licensure Nursing Education: Accelerated BSN Tammy Sluyter 913.971.3851 tmsluyter@mnu.edu
Department of Pre-Licensure Nursing Education: Traditional Undergraduate   913.971.3850 nursing@mnu.edu
Department of Natural, Health & Mathematical Sciences Tammy Schroer 913.971.3439 tjschroer@mnu.edu
Department of Nursing: Graduate (MSN and RN-MSN) JoVonda Merrell 913.971.3844 jkmerrell@mnu.edu
Department of Nursing: RN-BSN Heidi Baldridge 913.971.3831 hlbaldridge@mnu.edu
Department of Professional & Graduate Studies in Education Glenna Murray 913.971.3292 gkmurray@mnu.edu
Department of Professional Studies in Management Kathy Adamson 913.971.3862 kadamson@mnu.edu
Department of Social & Behavioral Sciences Michelle Laytham 913.971.3445 mrlaytham@mnu.edu
Department of Teacher Education Heather Ozias 913.971.3446 heozias@mnu.edu
Department of Teacher Education: Licensure Janelle Hoffpauir 913.971.3526 jdhoffpauir@mnu.edu
Events & Conference Services John Mathias 913.971.3604 conferences@mnu.edu
Facility Services Teresa Miller 913.971.3279 tmiller@mnu.edu
Faculty Development Mark Hayse   facultydevelopment@mnu.edu
Honors Program Mark Hayse   honors@mnu.edu
Information Technology Mark Leinwetter 913.971.3970 mleinwetter@mnu.edu
Institutional Effectiveness Pat Walsh 913.971.3393 pwalsh@mnu.edu
Instructional Technology & Online Education Amy Hankins 913.971.3535 amhankins@mnu.edu
Intercultural Engagement LaDonna McCullough 913.971.3472 interculturalengagement@mnu.edu
Liberty Site Julie McCubbins 816.407.3070 jamccubbins@mnu.edu
Mabee Library Glenda Seifert 913.971.3485 library@mnu.edu
Marketing & Communications Carol Best 913.971.3586 marketing@mnu.edu
The Merc Campus Store Nikos Kellenpouris 913.971.3447 themerc@mnu.edu
Pioneer College Caterers Andy Carlson 913.971.3701 eacarlson@mnu.edu
Play Therapy Counseling Center Amy Cain 913.971.3733 playtherapycenter@mnu.edu
Play Therapy Certificate Program Michelle Laytham 913.971.3445 mrlaytham@mnu.edu
Post Office Nikos Kellepouris 913.971.3687 postoffice@mnu.edu
President’s Office Kelly Gibson 913.971.3392 krgibson@mnu.edu
Professional & Graduate Studies Admissions Brenda Doerr 913.971.3800 pgadmissions@mnu.edu
Professional & Graduate Student Success Vicki Troyer 913.971.3806 vtroyer@mnu.edu
Registrar Tiffany Todd 913.971.3625 trtodd@mnu.edu
School of Nursing & Health Science JoVonda Merrell 913.971.3844 jkmerrell@mnu.edu
Sexual Addictions Treatment Provider Certificate Program Michelle Laytham 913.971.3445 mrlaytham@mnu.edu
Spiritual Formation Sharon Jackson 913.971.3651 srjackson@mnu.edu
Student Counseling & Wellness Elizabeth Diddle 913.971.3251 eadiddle2@mnu.edu
Student Development & Resident Educators Billie Batten 913.971.3297 bbatten@mnu.edu
Student Retention Dennis Troyer 913.971.3781 dtroyer@mnu.edu
Student Financial Aid Services Tina Raber 913.971.3298 traber@mnu.edu
Undergraduate Admissions Jean Kilber 913.971.3380 admissions@mnu.edu
University Advancement Melanie Smith 913.971.3280 foundation@mnu.edu
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