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What is a 1098-T?

The 1098-T form reports the amount billed to you by MidAmerica Nazarene University over the course of the previous calendar year. The purpose of the 1098-T is to help you and/or your tax professional determine if you are eligible for the Hope Scholarship Credit or the Lifetime Learning Credit. The 1098-T is just informational; you are not required to attach IRS Form 1098-T to your tax return.

Online Access to 1098-T Forms

MidAmerica Nazarene University offers view access to your 1098-T forms online through our student accounts partner, Self Service Banner. All students eligible for a 1098-T form for the year will be able to see an electronic version of their 1098-T online.

Instructions for accessing your 1098-T Tax Notification Online:

  1. Go to the http://my.mnu.edu/ and select the Portal link.
    • Enter your login and password. If you need help with your Self Service Banner login please call the IT Helpdesk at 913-971-3333, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.
    • Select "Tools"
    • Select "Self-Service Banner"
  2. After logging in, select "Student Services"
  3. On the next screen select "Student Records"
  4. Select "Tax Notification"
  5. Enter the tax year then click on "Submit." NOTE: The current tax year is 2015
  6. The Tax Notification for the year will appear. You may print your 1098-T.

When will I receive my 1098-T?

1098-T will be available online by January 31 of each year.

Qualified tuition and related expenses

Qualified tuition and related expenses are tuition and fees a student must pay to be enrolled at or attend an eligible educational institution. The following are not qualified tuition and related expenses:   

  • Amounts paid for any course or other education involving sports, games, or hobbies unless the course or other education is part of the student's degree program or is taken to acquire or improve job skills.

  • Charges and fees for room, board, insurance, medical expenses (including student health fees), transportation, and similar personal, living or family expenses.

Additional information

For more information about reporting on Form 1098-T, see Regulations section 1.6050S-1. Also see Notice 2006-72, 2006-36 I.R.B. 363 for guidance in a question and answer format on the information reporting requirements for Form 1098-T.

How to Read a 1098-T:


Box 1: Payments received for qualified tuition and related expenses. Universities may choose whether to report payments received or amounts billed on student accounts; they are not required to report both amounts.

Box 2: Amounts billed for qualified tuition and related expenses. In general, this box will contain the sum of all tuition, course fees, and activity fees billed to a student’s account during a calendar year, less any amounts by which tuition was reduced due to a reduction in course load or withdrawal. Decreases in amounts due on a student’s account due to scholarship payments, student payments or other payments are not included in the Box 2 amount.

Amounts billed to a student account for housing, meal plans, parking, health insurance, or other non-required fees will not be included in the Box 2 amount.

Please note that when the Hope Scholarship or Lifetime Learning Credit is taken on the federal income tax return, the calculation of the credit is based on the amount of qualified educational expenses actually paid by the taxpayer during the calendar year.

Box 3: This box will be left blank since MNU has not changed its current method of reporting from the previous year.

Box 4: Adjustments made for a prior year. The amount in this box should be the sum of all reductions in tuition (refunded or not) related to amounts billed in a prior year. This amount is reported as a positive number per IRS requirements. However, it is actually a decrease to the amount that was reported on a prior year 1098-T.

Box 5: Scholarships or grants. This box contains the sum of all scholarships MNU administered and processed for the student’s account during the calendar year. Scholarships that pay for tuition (qualified scholarships) as well as for housing, books, and other expenses (non-qualified scholarships) will be included in this amount. Tuition waivers and payments received from third parties that are applied to student accounts for educational expenses are included in this box.

Box 6: Adjustments to scholarships or grants for a prior year. Decreases or refunds of scholarship amounts related to scholarships reported in a previous year are included in this box. This amount is reported as a positive number per IRS requirements. However, it is actually a decrease to the amount that was reported on a prior year 1098-T.

Box 7: This box will be checked if the amount reported in Box 2 includes tuition or qualified amounts billed to a student account in the current year that pays for a semester beginning in the next calendar year. For example, tuition billed in December 2012 for Spring 2013 will be reported on a 2012 1098-T. Box 7 will be checked to indicate that this is the case.

Box 8: A check in this box indicates that you are or have been enrolled at MNU at least half-time for at least one semester during the calendar year.

If you are at least a half-time student for at least one academic period that begins during the year, you meet one of the requirements for the Hope credit. You do not have to meet the workload requirement to qualify for the tuition and fees deduction for the Lifetime Learning credit.

Box 9: This box will be checked if you are a student enrolled in a program leading to a graduate-level degree. If you are enrolled in a graduate program, you are not eligible for the Hope credit, but you may qualify for the tuition and fees deduction or the Lifetime Learning Credit.

Box 10: It shows the total amount of reimbursements or refunds of qualified tuition and related expenses made by an insurer.

MNU may need to get updated tax information from you. If this is the case, please click the link below to print out the W-9 form. Fill out the form and return it to MNU as soon as possible.

MNU W-9 Form

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